STEAM Education increases opportunities for African American children

Since March 2020, we have dealt with the instability of a COVID-19 environment requiring us as Americans to take historically unconventional methods to protect ourselves and others in our communities. We have corporatized our homes, stocked our inventory with hand sanitizers and soaps, and collected our coupons for the grocer. The new normal also involves face coverings, smaller public groupings, and creativity in digital spaces. 

GatewayGIS Virtual Speakers Series proudly presents NASA's Kenneth Harris II via Zoom

We've posted a new video from our Virtual Speaker Series! In this video, NASA's Kenneth Harris II participates in a conversation with some students, instructors, and community partners of GatewayGIS. Click here to watch. If you want to see more videos from us, subscribe. If you like the video, hit the like button. To receive notifications of future videos, hit the bell icon.

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